Projection Mapping / Social Impact / Animation

My Name is Beth Lavie


2D animation, 3D animation, cel animation, sound design

Software used

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop, Madmapper, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Audition, Ableton Live, Substance painter



My Name is Beth Lavie is a projection mapping installation tackling the issue of bullying. The whole experience is a narration by ghost Beth who resides in her notebook and had somehow possessed the projector for her means of telling her story. By using projection mapping, viewers are invited to feel what it’s like in Beth's shoes as the table and notebook in front of them become marred with hurtful words, bullying and Beth's cry for help. Though Beth Lavie's story is fictional, reality is not far from it, perhaps far worse. The narration itself was designed after researching multiple bullying stories, the script created after taking note of similarities among real accounts. This project was created in hopes to raise awareness, to give birth to talks, and allow the viewers to reassess themselves whether or not they have been kind.

an Anti Bullying Projection Mapping Installation


The table and notebook installation is inspired by usual school bullying visuals where the table of the bullying victim is trashed. Beth Lavie was an ordinary school girl who loved drawing and often fantasised about her crush, Alex. Alas though as one day her friends found out about it, and then began - her days of doom.

The narrative itself is inspired by lots of bullying stories and 13 reasons why which is probably my main source of inspiration. In fact, it is through watching the show that I became convinced of tackling the subject bullying. The stages of the bullying as narrated by Beth Lavie is constructed by the patterns I observe from real stories. The numbness for example and self harm is a common thing. Another thing is the existence of the "observers" who do not do anything but watch or cheer the bullies.

Art Direction

A realistic style is kept throughout the whole animation to keep it as immersive as possible. A lot of the assets are scanned and photographed. a lot of writings, intentionally made in a way as if I cannot write. Doodles are also used, taking into consideration that Beth loves drawing. 2D cell animations with pencil textures became a way for ghost Beth to tell her story. I also took the horror approach, knowing the experience is a dead person narrating, and as advised by Mr. Mike, my lecturer.

The Installation

The installation consists of a table and chair. A projector is mounted at 60 degrees and positioned high up facing down towards the table. The projector is then connected to my computer which maps the video onto the surface


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