Cindelara is an interactive storytelling game made using Unity and Fungus. The story is inspired by an Indonesian folktale: Cindelaras, but modified in a futuristic space fantasy setting.


Adobe Photoshop, Unity


In a galaxy far far away, lived a planet who’s miserable and lonely. One day, it took a toll on the planet and out of desperation it creates life on itself. It creates plants, animals, and human. All living, and full of life. It even breathes life to the moon.

But then came the flirty king. A total player, handsome and charming, and an expert in playing with the hearts of women. Princesses and queens fell into his charms and ended up heartbroken and sad. Seeing this, the lonely planet (tho not lonely anymore) manifested itself into a goddess and cursed the player king into a helpless crawling baby, only to get back to his original form if he settles and remains loyal to one partner (basically find true love but it sounds so cliche).

The king wed his childhood friend thinking anyone would do. But he didn’t change back Until he met a princess and they both fell in love at first sight. They wed and the king live happily with his two wives.

However, the first wife (childhood friend) felt mistreated as the king heavily favours his second wife. She framed the second wife for breaking the King’s favourite spoon. The king was mad and send his second wife (who was pregnant) to an isolated planet of the dead. Cindelara was born, she grew up into a strong teenager. One day she found an egg. From it, hatched a talking pet animal which told her of her origins. She found a spaceship, then took off to see her father. Now It’s up to Cindelara to right the wrong.

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