Reel / 2020

2020 Showreel




Design, animation, sound design

Software used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Cubase


March 2020

2020 Reel / 0:09 Carbon Easter / 0:13 Blowdry / 0:16 Smile / 0:20 First Class Beauty / 0:26 A World Full of Noise / 0:29 Batik Tiga Negeri / 0:31 Meditation / 0:35 My Name is Beth Lavie / 0:38 202020 / 0:42 CNY Sime Darby / 0:45 Batik Tiga Negeri / 0:48 First Class Beauty / 0:51 Batik Tiga Negeri / 0:53 World Zero / 0:55 Chair Yoga / 0:57 Yo MTV Bumper

A new chapter

Around the end of 2019, I gave my personal brand a brand new look. I've got a new logo, new website, new set of colours, a new showreel, stuffs that hopefully help to introduce a bit of myself and the work I do to to you :).

After scrapping through several design ideas and flipping through colours I ended up with the styleframe below. The concept for this one is literally a show, and I like to surround myself with cute dancing characters because why not. Also, I play the piano, casually, so that's how it got there.


I've come to like animating characters through keyframing the paths as though I am cel animating. It's quicker than making a rig, or cel animating in photoshop especially for simple motions like this. Also explored using expression for the notes that are undulating within the sine wave.

Fin frame moodboard and design