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Illustration, After Effects animation, cel animation, Sound design

Software used

After effects, cubase, photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Feb 2020

Give yourself a smile. Encouraged in this makeshift ad of a toothpaste.

Smile toothpaste

Sketch and Moodboarding

When the idea came to me I just thought it'd be fun to design toothpaste characters, reproducing factory-like from its squeezable containers. So I explored different toothpaste shapes, from a squeezed too much kind, to a lopsided ice cream shaped one. The art direction for this piece is vintage ad, seen from my moodboard below, I want to implement the grainy texture, and do love how the things are shaded.


I developed the vintage feel through the use of colours, the hand lettered brand which is referenced from a vintage soap packaging, yellowy paper texture overlay, and the use of soft shadows to give the objects its 3D feel. See that the styleframe doesn't match my final piece because the colours don't pop out as much as I'd like. I decided to up the contrast and chose a more modern color palette of complementary of green and pink which I am glad I did.

Sound Design

I'd like to give it to school of motion's sound design course for helping me up my sound design game. Here I challenged myself with non literal sound effect, using a lot of synths, rather than true to life sfx that I used to do. I also made the tune myself! Glad that my piano skills don't fail me, started first by laying down the chords, then the melody and the bass.


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